Triumph 1800 Roadster 1947

ModelTriumph 1800 Roadster 1947
Model year1947
Mileage1 km
Engine1 776 ccm
Car's bodycabriolet



Triumph 1800 18 TR was introduced in 1946. After Standard Motor took over Triumph in 1945, it wanted to produce sports cars of the same series as the Jaguar SS models, which were equipped with standard engines (SS Jaguar 1.5 liter). . The De 1800 roadster 18 TR was manufactured between 1946 and 1947 and was mechanically based on the Triumph 1800 Sedan. The Roadster Triumph 1800 was equipped with a 4-speed transmission, which was controlled from the steering column. The position of the gear lever at the steering column was very convenient when three people were sitting on the front bench of the car. Triumph Roadster was designed by Frank Callaby, who gave the car a very classic shape and style for a post-war car. The design shows a seated radiator, seat and exposed headlights. The seat is a very nice detail in the Triumph Roadster design; offers two seats and a windshield. The Roadster Triumph is rarely seen as a classic car. Only 2501 Triumph 1800 roadster models were produced.

The car is completely renovated and has a complete history.

Technical data:
four-cylinder engine
cylinder capacity: 1776 ccm
power: 65 hp. at 4200 rpm
transmission: 4-speed, manual

The car is in our warehouse in Prague.

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Photos of Triumph 1800 Roadster 1947